Custom Wood Doors

custom-wood-door-austinAusTex Garage Doors represents a number of wood door manufacturers. After much research, we have settled on a couple of vendors to provide us with doors that we feel can stand up to the tough Texas environment and our customers standards. Our doors come in two levels. Both are solid wood doors.

Our base level door exceeds most other doors available. It is a total wood door. It comes in many different styles and it stands up to weather better than other doors with wood glued or screwed to the front of a metal door. It comes installed, and unfinished. We will stained the door if requested and we use the Sikkens 3 step process to ensure a long lasting finish.

Our “Top of the line” wood door, again is solid wood and is on the inside/back of the door. It is a custom made door from scratch and has the following features standard.

The door is made with a 1 1/2″ mortise and tenon structure. All of the wood on the face of the door is tongue and grooved together. The door comes finished with a 3 step process with is waxed and polished and has a 5 year warranty. Available options include custom engraving as well as custom glazing and custom Iron work in the window and on the door. From Decorative Iron to arches and windows, we can do it all.

Call us to set up an appointment to see what a custom Garage entry can do for the look of your home. These doors are a part of this years “Parade of Homes” display. Beautiful from the outside as well as finished inside with the painted hinges. These doors are so nice, we call them “Custom Garage Entries”. This is the front of your house. Everyone driving by sees your garage door. If you put up a “Builder” grade” wood door, it will crack and peel in 2 years. If you put up this door, we guarantee 5 years. And we offer a service to refresh the finish after that. Call us to see what the possibilities are.
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