Garage Door Spring Repair

garage-door-spring-repairThe springs on your door are designed to make it seem very light and easy to operate. When the springs break, the door becomes very heavy. A door typically weighs more than 150 lbs. This means you will not be able to use the door. We can fix it fast and we can fix it right. When AusTex Garage Doors replaces your spring, we guarantee our work. The spring will be the right size, the spring will be installed correctly and the spring will be warranted for as long as you own your home.

Replacing your own spring is not practical for most people. You have to replace the spring with the exact same size spring or the door will not balance. You also have to remove and reinstall the torsion tube assembly and all of its parts. And finally you have to rewind the springs. While there is a popular guide on the web about how to do it yourself, it is 10 pages long, requires you to make your own tools and finally requires you to find the parts and wait for them to be shipped.

One of our customers bought his springs on the web and waited 10 days for them to come. When they came he called us out to install them. They were absolutely the wrong size. We traded them with our springs and fixed his door for him. Result was 10 days with no door, a lot of reading, and research, on-line parts and postage plus the labor to have us install the springs. If he was paid more than $10 dollars per hour at work, it would make more sense to just have the pros do the work. Try telling your wife that it is a good idea for you to spend 10 hours of your time plus paying for the parts with no guarantee of success or even a warranty when you are through. Also mention to her that it will be 10 days with no garage while you do the research and order the parts online.

No need to go through this hassle.  Just call us now at 512-250-5122. You will be glad you did.