Garage Doors

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The features on our doors typically far exceed the standard doors which are found on new homes. All our doors have rollers with ball bearings to provide years of quiet, smooth operation. Hinges are full size and 14 gauge steel which last longer and are less likely to bend. We only use torsion spring systems on our doors because they are designed to maintain a level smooth door operation. These extras ensure that your door lasts for years. A Note about the Big box Stores. We charge less for a better product. I compare their prices and products weekly and in almost every case we give you more door for less money. Also, our time to install is going to be much faster, typically in 3 days or less. And our installation warranty is 2 years labor and parts. About twice as long as the contractor they hired out to install your door.

Steel Doors

austin-steel-doorsThis is the standard door found on most new homes built today. It is strong, relatively light, durable, and comes in several slightly different patterns. It can easily be insulated, and have windows if desired. It is a very cost effective, and common solution.

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Carriage House Door

carriage-house-door-austinThis is the shape of things to come. Basically a steel door with a more detailed pattern on the front. This door is slightly more expensive than a standard Steel door and includes Steel or Iron hardware on the front of the door which replicates the look of a carriage house door. It is very reliable and adds a distinctive look to your home. Click on one of the vender icons to the right to learn more about their carriage house doors. See the AMARR Classica Carriage House Door for a distinctive metal door with a lot of structure while maintaining the reliability and low maintenance of a metal garage door.

Wood Free Custom Wood Doors

austin-Wood-free-doorsThe newest thing in the garage door busines. This material is mounted to the front a steel door and looks better than wood. Although it looks like wood, it is much better in many ways.

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Real Wood Doors

real-wood-garage-doorsAll the rage, the beauty and style of a real wood door attracts a lot of attention from the street. While we are not great fans of wood doors, there is no denying their beauty. We can make real wood doors custom designed to your specifications.

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