Garage Openers

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While the garage door is the main consideration, the thing that makes it nice is the opener. The opener allows you to come home after a hard days work and park in a dry, safe, comfortable area without having to get out of your car to lift the door. The opener does all of the lifting and pushing to put the door exactly where you want it to be. We sell a wide range of LiftMaster openers from the economical Chain drive, to the ultra quiet, and reliable Belt Drive.

We install and sell more than a thousand openers every year. We love happy customers and happy customers are people who experience no problems with their openers. We count on LiftMaster openers to keep everybody smiling. Their wide selection of top quality garage door openers has something for everyone. From the base model chain drive to the Premier, DC motor, Battery backup, super quiet model 3850, you can’t go wrong. Click on a link below to see the current models and specials.

Chain Drive Openers

austin-garage-door-openersEconomical, Reliable, Strong, with all the bells and whistles. This opener includes a solid rail, all chain system as well as safety eyes and a deluxe wall console. Click here to see our chain drive openers. Why is the LiftMaster chain drive so great?
One reason is the solid rail the chain rotates on. It is a one piece system with a solid rail all around. This is stronger than most and more reliable. If you buy a garage door opener at a chain store you get everything in a box (A small box). Including the 4 pieces of hollow tubing you will have to put together to make your rail. This jointed system is more complex, Hollow and not as strong. One piece is the way to go and LiftMaster has it. The entire opener is solid and made of steel. No plastic parts on the rail at all.

Another great feature about the LiftMaster is the sensitivity settings. On a LiftMaster they are more sensitive than some of the more popular brands. In my experience you can set up the opener easier and safer with the well labeled and proportional controls found on the LiftMaster products.

LiftMaster Remotes are built better than many of the others. They are of a harder plastic and less flimsy than some others. Also the batteries are less likely to fall out or become loose.
We do not sell LiftMaster because they asked us to. We sell them because every year we have more than a thousand more openers we installed that need to keep working right and we have faith that LiftMaster makes the products we can trust. We do very little warranty work on LiftMaster operators. We have installed more than 500 of these this year and we expect to sell even more in 2010.

Screw Drive Openers

garage-door-openers-austinSmooth and quiet, the screw drive is a great mid level opener. It is quieter than a chain drive and slightly less expensive than a belt drive. The new 3240 uses a new steel rail with bearings to ensure years of trouble free operation. Click here to see our screw drive openers. This is a very well designed opener. LiftMaster redesigned the screw drive recently to fix an ongoing problem with the aluminum rail which all manufacturers use. The cold weather would cause the rail to shrink and it would squeeze the screw tighter and cause the operator not to work on cold days. LiftMaster made the rail out of steel instead and then encased the screw in bearings along the rail to stop this problem.

Personal Note: While this is the best screw drive, we do not recommend this drive. For just a little more you can get a belt drive and that is the future of garage door openers. We only sell screw drives to people who want them because they had one from twenty years ago that just went bad and don’t want to change. “No matter what”. I do not think we sold more than 50 of these this year.


Residential JackShaft Openers

This is the newest opener and is designed for applications where there is no room for a rail on the ceiling above or behind the door. Take a look at this opener and how it works.

Commercial Openers

Click here to go to the LiftMaster WebSite for commercial operator options.

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Belt Drive Openers

The Best drive system, the belt drive is quiet, strong, and the belt is warranted for the life of the opener. There are three belt drives available to suit your application. Click here to see our belt drive openers. What makes the belt drive the best? Technologically speaking three things come to mind.

garage-door-openersThe belt is Kevlar reinforced and is a toothed or cogged belt. It does not slip ever. As the belt passes over the sprocket at the top of the motor, the cap covering the sprocket presses the belt against the sprocket to prevent slippage. Perfect.
The belt is Kevlar reinforced and it will not break. I have seen only 2 broken belts, both at least 15 years old and they were the older style. They were replaced under warranty because there is a lifetime warranty on the belts.

The belt has a spring shock absorber on it that really help increase the lifetime of the gears inside the motor. The initial kick of the motor is softened by the spring and makes the whole system smoother and lasts longer.

All of this is on a solid steel single piece T rail. This is the opener I would put in my home. The price is slightly higher than a chain drive while being better in every way. The only advantage a chain drive has is pure strength, and only large wood doors need this kind of strength. Go Belt Drive. You will be glad you spent a little extra 15 years from now. Or 20, or 25. We installed more than 500 of these this year and expect to put more in 2010. There are different versions of belt drive ranging from the Premium 3280 to the Elite DC motor 3850. All are good. Even the base 3280 is a great motor that I would not hesitate to put in my own home.

View our Belt Drive Openers page for more.