Tree Free Custom Doors

wood-free-doorAusTex Garage Doors is proud to represent the Next Thing in Custom Garage doors. Many people are looking for the stained look of wood but are not willing to deal with the upkeep of a real wood door. The requirement to refinish the door every two to three years, the excessive weight of a wood door, and the inherent characteristics of wood make it a less desirable product to build a door with.  The only good thing about a wood door is the stained look. Up until now, you either had to have a real wood door or settle for a painted door. A  few vendors are making a steel door that is painted to look like wood. While some find this acceptable, others think it doesn’t look real enough.  Other vendors have created good looking fiberglass doors that simulate the wood look. Alas, they do not sell them in Texas because the sun discolors the fiberglass.

Finaly, we believe that a solution has come along. Wood Free has created a product that replicates real wood with all of the benefits of wood and none of the drawbacks. It currently comes in two wood types and more are on the way. Clear Cypress, and Pecky Cypress. Take a look at some of these pictures and see what you think.

What are the important parts to remember with Wood Free?

  1. Durability – 5 year warranty on the Doors. No splitting, Fading, or Cracking, like wood will do. Bugs, Rot, Peeling? Maybe on wood doors but not Wood Free.
  2. Paint. – These doors can be finished at the factory or can be Faux painted by you or us. If the factory colors do not match your taste, we can come out and find out what will work. Samples will be provided and you can select what you want the door to look like. Six colors available including walnut, cypress, barn grey, mahongany and others.
  3. Weight – A large garage door (16′ x 7′) weighs only 50 more pounds than a typical steel door (~220 lbs). A wood door weighs more than 400 lbs. Safety is a very big issue with wood garage doors. Too much weight! Tree Free, No problem.
  4. Options – Try to get real “Pecky Cypress” wood on a door today. Look at the texture, pictured to the right. Decorative hardware can easily be added.
  5. Insulation. Wood doors have little. Wood Free has more. It’s a resin Cast urethane foam. Plus it is installed on a R7 double steel insulated garage door to give you the best of both worlds. This combination also qualifies for home energy tax credits in many places.
  6. Price – What does a tree free door cost? A couple of things to consider; size and style. The majority of the cost is due to the material used to cover the door. Therefore the biggest factor is the size of the door. The second biggest factor is the Style of door.  A door with a single layer of vertical panels is reffered to as the “San Jose” style and is the least expensive. The San Jose Prices are listed below. All of the prices below are installed prices.
  7. Overlays can be added to the door to make the door appear similar to the photo to the right. This is a more traditional look.
  8. Color – With a wood door you stain it. We recommend the Sikkens Cetol 3 part system which has a possibility of 6 different colors. You will need to refininsh the door every couple of years. With Wood Free you simply repaint the door. It comes in 6 factory colors, or if they do not suit you, we order the panels primed and we will Faux paint the doors the color and style you specify. We can match your front door. We can match your trim. We can match any wood style you might desire light or dark. You pick the color and we will bring you a sample before we paint the door. Paint should last a minimum of 8 years. Very probably longer.

Think about it. A beautiful door that is highly durable, lighter and safer than any wood door, no wood door maintenance projects every three years, its tougher than a steel door and if you don’t like the color, you can repaint to taste, any time. All at no more cost than a good wood door.

Here are some of the projects that we have completed here in Austin this year.

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